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In 2012, our research into the DNA of the CIO t discovered the essential ingredients of a leading CIO ( It also detailed the career aspirations that many CIOs have, which largely center on expanding the scope of their responsibilities and influence. During this research, we found that CIOs and CTOs from certain industries tended to embrace more leading practices, while expressing greater satisfaction and holding a stronger voice within their respective organizations. (Note: for simplification reasons, from now on, we use the term CIOs to include both CIOs and CTOs.) epor We also determined that these leaders were well positioned, in terms of their skills and mindset, to tackle the digital transformation that many businesses are now undertaking. This formed the basis for our new research, which seeks to provide new insights into what it takes to succeed in a more digital world. To do so, Born to be digital explores three core areas: • How CIOs with the widest remit and greatest responsibility — those in highly IT-intensive industries — differ from their peers • What lessons CIOs can take from their peers who are leading the digital transformation efforts — in terms of their core tenets and mindset • What career choices CIOs should make to help them fulfill their aspirations for broader roles and greater influence About this r Born to be digital | 3

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