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3 n io t c Se A mindset for change: six traits of the digital-ready CIO Those CIOs most engaged in corporate development show striking differences in how they approach their jobs. We find these attributes to be closest to the core set of skills and capabilities needed to drive the digital transformation, from vision and storytelling, to courage and a focus on growth. However, they’re just as applicable to any CIO wanting to stand out and perform in their role. An IT-intensive company can provide the ideal context for CIOs to Among the IT-intensive industry CIOs surveyed, nearly one in four embrace digital. But to actually do so still requires the individual in (38%) were focusing far more on these most strategic elements of question to find the motivation to lead this change. In short, it the job. These leading CIOs show an ability to reframe their thinking demands a different mindset. and present a positive story to the rest of the business about how To delve deeper into this mindset, we assessed the characteristics technology can deliver a very different future. “A lot of this is about of those CIOs most engaged in the strategic elements of their jobs, being proactive. Being able to walk in and suggest where the who are delivering both on business transformation as well as opportunities are for the organization. Too many CIOs are simply business model-related innovation. These are the two elements that reactive, which is why they lose credibility with the rest of the The DNA of the CIO identified as the most helpful for CIOs trying to business,” explains EY’s Americas IT Advisory Leader Bob Sydow. stand out in their role — and they are, as this research reveals, This proactive approach is apparent in the wide range of areas in fundamental aspects of driving digital transformation. While all which these leading CIOs seek to create value, with strong three sections of the wheel together represent the full remit of any engagement across everything from product innovation and given CIO, those IT leaders who push hardest and use innovation to operational agility, through to supporting decision-making. At the change and develop their business are the ones most likely to be same time, they also carefully manage expectations, walking the building a truly digital business. fine line between keeping the business excited about the potential of IT, while keeping a realistic sense of what’s truly possible. 18 | Born to be digital

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