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IT-intensive industries How CIOs leading digital transformation think differently: 65% six core traits of digital-ready CIOs Our research shows that the elite CIOs leading digital transformation in their businesses differ in their are highly engaged on mindset and thinking in six key ways. In particular, they: helping develop new products and services. 1. Have a strategic vision of how technology will 4. Ensure their vision is understood transform the business — and know how to 5. Move beyond operations and infrastructure implement it 2. Are relentless innovators 6. Are courageous risk-takers 3. Focus closely on driving growth — and the relationships they need to support this See page 20 for more insights on all of these. Despite a seat at the top table, not Leading CIOs take a 3enough CIOs are grasping the 5multidisciplinary approach to their potential for digital transformation. careers. Despite the advantages offered to them, and their In forging a path toward a more strategic leadership role, greater influence, many board-level CIOs in IT-intensive leading CIOs have made a series of deliberate choices firms appear not to use them to push ahead on any throughout their career progression. This starts with strategic or transformational issues. They recognize the their education, which more commonly involves a need to focus on bolstering growth, but too often fail to background in business, science or engineering, along reach out to build relationships with the front of the with IT. But it also extends through their work experience: business. Indeed, part of the risk that CIOs face on digital they actively seek out opportunities to work in other is that other business managers, or wholly new specialist parts of the business and in other geographic regions. roles, such as the chief digital officer, take the lead. And they engage extensively outside the business by, for example, taking on external advisory roles or directorships. These CIOs express greater satisfaction The CIOs most strongly aware of with their career prospects, their status within the 4their task to develop the business business, and their ability to influence corporate strategy. show a distinct set of characteristics that help them stand out. Nearly 4 in 10 (38%) of CIOs in IT-intensive industries are highly engaged in core strategic issues — delivering transformation and driving business model innovation — and they show a set of six unique traits (see text box above). These help to frame the mindset of a CIO who is leading the way on digital transformation; an individual we term the “digital-ready CIO.” For example, these individuals have a close focus on the front office and innovation: 65% are highly engaged in helping develop new products and services, compared with just 50% of other CIOs. They show a much stronger appetite for risk and a greater ability to influence the rest of the business: 90% cite communication and influencing skills as strongly important to their role, compared with 79% of other CIOs. BBorn torn to be digito be digital |al | 55

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