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Darryl West’s udy path to the top t job at Barclays e s as Darryl West, CIO, Barclays Group C Darryl West joined Barclays, one of the world’s biggest banks, as its new CIO in November 2013. His placement there was the culmination of a long series of career moves that had started back when he chose to do an IT degree, and pushed himself to study accountancy at the same time, which eventually led to his qualifying as a chartered accountant (CA). He cites this choice to study both IT and “ Our company has a personnel accountancy as one of the crucial decisions early in his career. Another was his choice to join a global consulting arrangement mechanism that firm, which gave him international exposure and significant personal and professional development allows a CIO to switch roles with opportunities. “It was one of the key points of my life,” he says — not least in doubling up a new job with sideline other executives.” classes to finish his CA studies. “I’m biased here, but I believe that accountancy training is one of the best ways Anonymous, CIO, leading Chinese telecommunications company to learn how a business operates,” he says. Other key choices came into play later on. He took an opportunity to transfer to France, which forced him to embrace a new culture and language, and gave him Chart 11 experience of a major IT project for the French financial Satisfaction with aspects of CIO role market. “It was one of those sink or swim moments, but adaptability has been a key theme throughout my career,” 73% says West. This led to an operations role back in the UK The remit and range of responsibilities with US bank JP Morgan. This gave him significantly 67% wider exposure to how a finance business actually runs, The ability to influence broader 60% and led to senior placements in Frankfurt on the bank’s company strategy 45% local management committee — and then later in New The compensation, 60% York and London. A further switch in role gave him benefits and incentives 53% control of the profit and loss business unit, and direct People's perceptions of the 59% exposure to the front end of the business, before moving role of a CIO 45% back into IT again. “It really helped me to understand the 54% dynamics of the business world, including the customers The potential for career development and marketing side,” he says. 43% 48% Later positions at National Australia Bank and Lloyds The work-life balance Group gave him the chance to develop his influencing 40% The allocation of resources such as 37% skills and his ability to manage organizational politics — head count and budget to IT 33% not least when responsible for driving Lloyds’ integration with HBOS, one of the biggest IT jobs in the UK over the Digital-ready CIO IT-intensive industry CIO past decade: “By this point, the functional skills are a (Percentage of respondents who have chosen 8, 9 or 10 on a scale from 1= not satisfied at all given. It’s more about how you survive the organizational to 10 = absolutely satisfied) politics and relationships,” he says. Born to be digital | 31

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