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Demographics About the research The research draws on a telephone survey of 166 (information) technology leaders from a range of IT-intensive industries, as these are the firms where CIOs are likely to Board membership Gender have the greatest scope and widest remit in their roles. The global survey, which spanned key markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, focused 47% primarily on large firms: 27% had annual revenues of between No US$500m and US$1b, and the rest were larger, including 20% with revenues of at least US$10b. 53% We also conducted detailed interviews with a range of CIOs Yes and IT experts, to add additional context to our data and findings. 88% 12% We focused on those sectors independently identified as Male Female being the most IT-intensive, in terms of annual spending on IT as a percentage of revenue. These sectors included technology (including hardware, software and other IT services), financial services, life sciences, telecommunications, online and e-commerce. Job title In addition to this survey, EY conducted an analysis of the 41% career paths, education and background of over 100 leading Chief information officer (CIO) CIOs, representing the top 25 largest companies — 37% determined by revenue or assets — in four IT-intensive IT director sectors: IT, telecommunications, life sciences and banking. Head of IT 7% IT manager 3% Chief technical officer (CTO) 2% General manager IT 2% Vice president IT 1% Other 7% Age Time in current role 45% 30% 21% 8% 17% 3% 2% 46% 18–29 years 30–39 years 40–49 years 50–59 years 60–69 years Less than 1 year 1–3 years 4–6 years 12% 17% 7–9 years 10 years and more 38

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