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How EY can help you deliver We have a range of capabilities, proprietary technology assets and an advanced More information partner ecosystem that can help transform our clients’ ability to create, consume To learn more about EY’s Commercial and scale commercial analytics in ways Analytics and how we can help you that will unlock growth and improve their move forward, contact: business performance. Rob Holston These capabilities address core client issues + 1 305 415 1544 in revenue growth management, marketing [email protected] productivity and retail collaboration. We collaborate with our clients to create high- impact outcomes — be it through advisory Rob Holston engagements or leveraging our Commercial leads the Analytics business platform to create speed, Advanced scale and efficiency. Analytics practice in the Americas and the global Consumer Products Commercial Analytics practice at EY. Rob’s experience and background spans multiple industries and global markets, all while centered on unlocking innovative growth opportunities through the unique combination of strategy, data, analytics and technology solutions. 6

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