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How EY can help EY’s dedicated, multifunctional divestment professionals can help clients improve portfolio Contacts management, divestment strategy and execution. Pip McCrostie First, we help each client understand the performance of its EY Global Vice Chair Transaction Advisory Services business relative to peers and the rest of the portfolio, including [email protected] assessing the quality of information and developing more reliable +44 20 7980 0500 data for the evaluation process. We then help clients decide where capital can be released from underperforming or non-core Steve Krouskos activities and reallocated toward higher-growth areas. EY Global Deputy Vice Chair Transaction Advisory Services We then work with clients to prepare them for a divestment [email protected] and become an informed negotiator. Our work with corporate +44 20 7980 0346 and private equity clients includes a variety of divestments, Paul Hammes including sales of the entire company, carve-outs, spin-offs EY Global Divestiture and joint ventures. Advisory Services Leader For carve-outs in particular, we advise on which businesses are [email protected] worth investing in and which may be worth more to another +1 312 879 3741 owner. Our sector-focused teams can also help clients understand Rich Mills the effect a divestment could have on the remaining company’s EY Americas Divestiture Advisory growth, brand and stakeholders. Furthermore, we can help Services Leader maximize transaction value by guiding you through preparation [email protected] and execution and removing any potential bumps in the road before +1 404 817 4397 buyers get involved. For example, we can create a compelling value Martin Hurst story by analyzing the growth opportunity, assessing underlying EY Europe, Middle East, India and Africa trends, and identifying hidden value in earnings, corporate Divestiture Advisory Services Leader allocations, real estate, working capital, human resources, IT, [email protected] operations and tax. +49 6196 996 27365 Finally, we assist with negotiations, Day One readiness and helping Stephen Lomas your company manage its remaining cost structure and focus on EY Asia-Pacific Divestiture future growth. Advisory Services Leader [email protected] +61 3 9288 8441 Peter Wesp Japan Divestiture Advisory Services Leader [email protected] +81 3 458 26400 23

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