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Are companies achieving their divestment goals? Considering that all of our study respondents already made a major divestment in the past three years, it is remarkable that nearly half expect to divest again in the next two years. This is an indication of how deeply embedded divestments have become in corporate strategy. Moreover, 60% expect the number of strategic sellers to increase in the next year alone. Yet despite the anticipated growth in divestment activity, many companies continue to take a tactical approach to their transactions: 52% say their last divestment was opportunistic, and the greatest portion (46%) say their next asset sale, if any, will likely be opportunistic as well. This is a major shift from previous editions of the Global Corporate Divestment Study that saw companies making divestments more strategically — proactively selling assets, often strong ones, that were no longer core to their business. When do you expect to initiate your next divestment? What do you expect to happen to the number of willing strategic sellers over the next 12 months? 49% of executives expect to divest in the next two years 28% We are not Within the next 37% actively planning 12 months 60% a divestment 46% but are open to Within the opportunities 17% next 2 years 5% 4% 3% We do not expect to make any divestments in the Within the next 6 months foreseeable future Increase Stay the same Decrease 4

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