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The evolution of artificial intelligence and the acceptance o f a u t o n o m o u s v e h i c le s Contents Market indicators 01Balance of human-machine intervention >90% in autonomous vehicles 1 Car accidents caused by human error 02The need for an intuitive and 85 million intelligent vehicle Autonomous-capable vehicles expected 2 03Industry measures required to gain to be sold annually by 2035 consumer acceptance Up to 15% 04EY’s collaboration with Rinspeed Reduction in car crashes among cars that have forward collision warning 3 05 systems and automatic braking features How EY can help 1. “National Safety Council Estimates Traffic Deaths Down Three Percent in 2013”, National Safety Council website, NewsDocuments/2014-Press-Release-Archive/2-12-2014-Traffic-Fatality- Report.pdf, accessed 26 February 2016. 2. “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and the Evolution of Self-Driving Functionality: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts”, Navigant Research, October 2015, © 2016 Navigant Consulting, Inc. 3. “Autonomous cars likely to increase congestion”, RenewEconomy website, congestion-28009, accessed 26 February 2016. 1. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA); 2. Navigant Research; 3. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety “ To provide more comfortable and safer urban mobility, vehicles with more connectivity and self- driving functionality will be required on our roads. Digital technologies will support the provision of customizable mobility packages. As they move Randall J. Miller closer to reality, autonomous vehicles will not only play an integral role in the urban mobility Global Automotive & ecosystem but will also support a number of new Transportation Sector Leader, business models. However, as these vehicles EY evolve through different deployment scenarios, a sophisticated — adaptive and intuitive — human- machine interface (HMI) will be imperative. This means that software and software development will become more important for the automotive supply chain than ever before.”

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