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C ustomer relationsh ip s • Example: In telecoms, the online forum for a 100% digital offer gets the best contributors to run the are ev olv ing tow ards community. more emp ath ic and social interactions, rep lacing “Savings from call reductions have been mostly th e rush to answ er re-allocated to qualitative projects, like forums, in q uestions q uickly order to improve customer relationship quality”. P ay- TV operator 6 . C omp anies are adop ting new “Chat is managed by a community of collab orativ e ap p roach es and asking ‘ambassadors’ who are brand lovers involved in customers to contrib ute to customer helping other users”. care v ia user f orums or as b rand O nline marketplace amb assadors. • Example: In the e-commerce sector, a leading marketplace has developed collaborative self-help by recruiting top clients as brand ambassadors to deal with other customers’ issues. Ex amp les: Digital companies have involved clients in customer care through strong collab orative engagement and self- help tools. C ontrib utors are rated b y p eers and th e telecoms f orum C h at is run b y customers on a leading e-commerce community manager marketp lace Sources: French 100% digital offer MNO forum and leading e-commerce market place website. 8 O ff- site Customer R elationship S tudy | J anuary 2 016

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