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1 We are grateful to all participants in this study . In particular, we The basis of this study would like to thank the following finance and supply chain leaders The results of our survey were analyzed to compare: who readily shared their insights in a series of interviews: • The perspectives of finance leaders with those of Mutlaq Al-Morished, Executive Vice President for Corporate supply chain leaders . Finance, SABIC • The perspectives of respondents from companies where a Giacomo Baizini, CFO, Evraz business partnering relationship is in place between the CFO and Tony Barclay, CFO, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare the supply chain, with those where the CFO fulfills Simon Coombs, E&P CFO, Reliance Industries a traditional finance role. Alistair Davidson, Head of Staff, IKEA For the purposes of this study, “business partnering” refers to a Simon Dingemans, CFO, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) highly collaborative, enabling and supportive relationship between David Gosnell, President, Global Supply and Procurement, the CFO and other functional areas of the business . A “traditional” Diageo finance relationship emphasizes core finance responsibilities, such as accounting, reporting and controls . We asked respondents Marc Gross, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Heineken to identify where their relationship with their finance or supply Matt Hilzinger, CFO, USG chain peers sat on a five-point scale between being primarily a Michalis Imellos, CFO, Coca-Cola Hellenic traditional finance role (ranking 1 on the scale) and primarily a Anthony Maddaluna, President of Global Supply, Pfizer more enabling, collaborative business partnering role (ranking 5 on the scale). We have characterized those who selected 1 or 2 Deirdre Mahlan, CFO, Diageo as having a traditional finance relationship and those who selected Jim Muse, Head of Supply Chain, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 4 or 5 as having a business partnering relationship . Philippe Pédone, CFO, Galeries Lafayette Giangaddo Prati, CFO, Barilla 1 The survey was conducted in collaboration with Longitude Research . See page 36 for further details on survey demographics . Partnering for performance Part 1: the CFO and the supply chain 3

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