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Sectors Geography Technology and consumer products tend to have a strong The countries in our survey where business partnering is most business partnering emphasis. However, in heavy industry, established are the US, Singapore and South Korea. The story in mining and metals, and oil and gas, it is less established. Western Europe is very different. In France, Germany, Spain and Chart 7 Italy, no respondents describe the relationship between the CFO What is the primary industry for your company (%)? and the supply chain leader as being one built around business partnering. This was also the case in Argentina and Russia. 20 34 33 Time in role Technology Consumer Automotive Business partners are also more likely to be relatively new products to their role. Chart 8 34 41 58 How long have you been in your current role (%)? 20 12 10 Business partnering Traditional 3 12 21 Telecoms Life sciences Oil and gas 29 46 56 74 37 40 More than 15 years 31 11–15 years 8 6–10 years 7 16 2–5 years 3 Less than 2 years Mining and metals Business partnering Traditional 76 To learn more from CFOs and heads of supply chains about how they are partnering for performance, read some of our interview transcripts at Partnering for performance Part 1: the CFO and the supply chain 13

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