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Managing cybersecurity As cyber risks mount, CFOs must look to protect shareholder value Key findings about the CFO’s role in managing cybersecurity: Threats are increasing in sophistication, and breaches can have multimillion dollar implications and cause severe reputational damage. Cyber attacks are highly strategic, and increasingly target manipulating shareholder value. Sixty-six percent of CFOs make cybersecurity a high or very high priority. Thirty-five percent of CFOs who say that cybersecurity is a very high priority report much greater collaboration with the CIO (18% for the rest). Four cybersecurity priorities for the CFO and CIO: 1 Treat cyber risk as part of enterprise risk management 2 Prioritize the assets that need protection 3 Match your cybersecurity to your strategy 4 Discuss cyber risks in the language of business, not IT 2 Partnering for performance Part 3: the CFO and the CIO 10

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