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Redesigning the operating model Key findings about the CFO role in operating model redesign: Eighty-five percent of CFOs who make operating model redesign a ”very high” priority tend to report closer collaboration with the CEO. Overall, more than half of the 652 CFOs we surveyed (57%) feel they make a significant or very significant contribution to operating model redesign. Four operating model redesign priorities for the CFO and CEO: 1 Determine what activities will gain most benefit from global or regional scale, and which should be retained locally. 2 Evaluate the impetus for a change to the operating model, including building the business case and tracking the benefits. 3 Build trust in restructuring decisions, inside and out. 4 Derisk major redesign and restructuring initiatives to manage tax issues. 4 Partnering for performance Part 5: the CFO and the chief executive officer 21

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