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DCF and vIndustry oaluation pverview arameters PPage 57age 57 I Points of view from EY’s global sector Back to Italy: reshoring is not for everyone specialists and outside experts Reshoring is becoming a central topic in economical in Italy is tied to the growth in the luxury market, discussions in main industrialized countries, including which has grown, mainly thanks to Asia, at a 30% rate Italy. in the last five years and which will grow of another The so called “back to Italy” phenomenon can be 17% in the next four years according to market analyzed dividing companies in three main groups: forecasts. • Italian luxury groups, which strengthen their In the luxury world, quality is one of the key factors David Pambianco production plants bringing back part of production of success of the brand, given that for the in Italy international consumer, ‘‘Made in Italy’’ is a synonym w Vice President, Pambianco • International luxury groups, which increase their of quality, it is obvious that this is leading the big Strategia d’Impresa ervie production in Italy, outsourcing it or acquiring Italian luxury groups to the decision to bring back v productive companies production in Italy in order to have a product in which try o • Medium-sized companies, which operate in the the ‘‘Made in Italy’’ brand becomes a certification of Indus medium/high segment, which bring part of superior quality. Made in Italy is particularly production back to Italy important for some product categories more than other. The image below shows the main production With regard to the first two types of operators, the districts per product category. key to the increase of the share of production made Puglia (Casarona), Marche, Toscana (Firenze, Pontassieve, Campania, Veneto, Lombardia Emilia Romagna (Carpi), Veneto (Belluno) Veneto (Riviera del Brenta), Scandicci, Valdarno), Marche Umbria (Perugia), Toscana Lombardia (Vigevano), (Tolentino), Campania (Napoli) (Prato), Veneto Emilia Romagna (Fusignano- Bagnocavallo, San Mauro in Pascoli) The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2015

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