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Figure 6: The increasing adoption of advanced FDA technologies Visualization 25% 12% Social media 25% 21% Statistical analysis 18% 11% 2016 2014 �▀ ▀ Q. Which FDA tools do you utilize in managing fraud risk? Base: 2016 all respondents (665); 2014 all respondents (466) Multiple answers allowed, may exceed 100%. Multiple deployment options Increasing numbers of organizations are bringing FDA deployment in-house. Respondents conducting FDA completely in-house increased from 45% two years ago to 67%. In the last two years, leading technology companies have also responded to this growing in-house FDA trend by introducing enterprise-class surveillance and insider threat capabilities to help companies better prevent, detect, monitor or investigate potentially improper transactions, events or patterns of behavior related to misconduct, fraud and noncompliance issues. For example, IBM has introduced IBM Counter Fraud, and SAP has introduced SAP Fraud Management. SAS has also strengthened its offering around its Fraud & Security Intelligence solution. However, deploying these new software capabilities, whether in-house, via the cloud or through a managed service model, requires a multidisciplinary group of professionals who have domain and subject matter knowledge (to ask the right business questions), data science and data management expertise (to translate business questions into meaningful analytics), as well as systems and IT infrastructure expertise (to maintain and secure the platform for use). Figure 7: Multiple deployment options 9% 24% 67% We do this completely in-house �▀ and plan to continue doing so. We do this completely in-house �▀ but we are considering outsourcing it. Outsource either on a project-by-project ▀ basis or via a managed service agreement. Q. Which deployment model best describes how you conduct FDA as part of the company’s anti-fraud program? Base: All respondents (665) Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2016 | 15

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