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Foreword Forensic data analytics (FDA) has evolved As a result of these push and pull factors, the demand for FDA considerably over the past two years. In investment has never been higher, and FDA deployments are our 2014 survey, we found that, although maturing. Organizations recognize the value of FDA, and many companies were deploying some forms of FDA, are realizing positive results by deploying advanced technologies against meaningful volumes and varieties of data. many were missing opportunities to leverage But companies need to recognize the full spectrum of value emerging advanced tools that would enable that FDA can bring — far beyond fraud detection — and be more them to greatly strengthen and improve aggressive in its implementation. Although senior management has their risk management and investigative gained much appreciation for the value of FDA, they need to adopt response programs. it beyond the scope of traditional fraud risk management, take action, and invest in the right skills and technologies to realize its In today’s digital world, there are rapidly expanding opportunities potential. for innovation and growth. Unfortunately, these new opportunities This report is based on interviews with 665 executives between June have also brought new fraud risks in the forms of cyber breaches and September 2015, augmented by the insights of our global Fraud and internal threat. Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) practice. We hope it helps The mission-critical nature of information and the ease of digital businesses understand and articulate the compelling business access make organizations particularly vulnerable to cyber case for FDA and harness FDA’s full potential in managing risk. criminals and malicious insiders. Increasing regulatory We would like to thank all of the respondents and business leaders pressure further compounds the need to address these risks for taking the time to participate in this survey and for their with rigor. valuable contributions, observations and insights. On the upside, advanced data analytics tools are becoming mainstream. New technologies and surveillance monitoring techniques are being developed to help companies manage current and emerging fraud risks, and there is growing awareness of FDA’s benefits at the executive and board levels. David Stulb David Remnitz Global Leader Global Leader, Forensic Technology & Discovery Services Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2016 | 3

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