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The Future of Aerospace | Our expert speakers April 9th 2015, Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, Paris MODERATOR Simon Wright Marcus Bryson Industry Editor Chief Executive Aerospace and Landsystems Aerospace The Economist GKN UNITED KINGDOM SPEAKERS Augustin de Romanet Brian Pearce Chief Executive Officer Chief Economist Aéroports de Paris IATA FRANCE INTERNATIONAL Yann Barbaux Boubacar Djibo Senior Vice-president Innovation Director, Air Transport Bureau Airbus ICAO EUROPE INTERNATIONAL Jim Simpson Frédéric Michelland Vice-president, Business Development and Chief Executive Officer Chief Strategist, Network & Space Systems Latécoère Boeing FRANCE USA Ross Mitchell Karl Ulrich Garnadt Vice-president Member of the Executive Board Business Acquisition Commercial Aircraft Deutsche Lufthansa AG Bombardier Chief Executive Officer CANADA Lufthansa German Airlines GERMANY Michel Tellier Patrick Auroy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Vice-president Aerospace & Defense Industry Investment Dassault Systemes NATO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL Nelson Salgado Bjørn Kjos Vice-president Chief Executive Officer Institutional Relations and Sustainability Norwegian Air Shuttle Embraer NORWAY BRAZIL James Hogan Tony Wood President and Chief Executive Officer President, Aerospace Etihad Airways Rolls Royce UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UNITED KINGDOM Margus Rahuoja Temel Kotil Director for Aviation and International Chief Executive Officer Transport Affairs, DG MOVE Turkish Airlines European Commission TURKEY EUROPE Nour-Eddine Zanouda Register before February 6th 2015 Aerospace and Defense leading Partner – and save €200. France, Maghreb and Luxemburg Visit us online at EY FRANCE

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