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4.2 How should regional services operate? Deployment of global For OEMs and connectivity service work. Does the same apply to connectivity or regional connectivity providers, the challenge is to build offerings? Can you have a global Onstar modules/products that can be easily strategy or do you need to adapt it to other provides exciting adopted. As a connectivity service provider western countries and emerging markets?” opportunities for summed it up, “Over the past few years, Flexibility is the key. “You need to make we’ve tried to shift the focus from the sure you have platforms that are extensible monetization. As our OEM to more of a product solution. When because multiple use-cases can consume roundtable indicates, you’re thinking about local deployments, multiple sources of content. Provided the the bottom line is that it comes down to platform is extensible, you can just load it participants are adopting understanding behaviors and cultural and grow it.” Another participant agreed, multiple approaches to differences.” “The key is to pick one platform which tackle the next phase of From the standpoint of technological is flexible enough to really adapt to local their connectivity journey. implementation, there can be no one- markets. Remember too, the platform is a size-fits-all option. Different markets will fairly small part of the overall investment have their own operating systems. While needed to launch a connectivity program — in-vehicle infotainment systems linked to say 7% or 8%. mobile phones are expected to account Consistency is also vital. According to for around 80% of the people using another participant, “You need to ensure smartphones in the US, in some other you have the same API/SPU when it markets, including China, just 20% would comes to how developers are looking be covered. Core engineering operations for connectivity in your car. Although have to be adapted. According to a connectivity will be very different in participant, “From the time analogue went China, the US and Europe, ensuring the away, we were CDMA … now obviously, same elemental platform globally is the as we move into other markets, we have key — that provides for a tremendous to move to GSM. That’s fairly basic stuff amount of innovation and sticky customer that we’ve worked through already … but acquisition.” now there are other new technologies that we’re going to have to work through Selecting the right ecosystem is essential, globally.’ and that calls for in-depth local insight. How should connectivity-related strategies As a participant put it, “Your ecosystem adapt? An OEM said, “I remember when is going to be different for China, North every carmaker was trying to make an America, Mexico, Brazil and so on. It’s emerging market car and that car would fit important to pick the right ecosystem with every big, growing emerging market. Then an open mindset.” everyone realized that wasn’t going to The quest for telematics 4.0 | 17

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