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Conclusion Security Operation Centers can make your business safer in the digital world The ever-changing threatscape of an increasingly digital world challenges the defensive capabilities of even the most mature organizations. How can EY help? A well-functioning SOC can form the heart of effective defense and provide a safe Whether you are designing a SOC from environment for the business to deliver on its core strategic objectives. scratch or improving your existing We are witnessing the convergence of specialist skill sets from disciplines related to capabilities, EY can help you through cybersecurity, data science and analytics into advanced SOC ecosystems, where the whole every step of the journey. is greater than the sum of its parts. Our approach of integrating threat The driver behind third-generation security operations is an integrated cyber threat- intelligence, security monitoring, incident management program. It integrates and enhances the enterprise’s existing security response and security analytics reflects capabilities to achieve greater effectiveness against persistent attackers through an Active the reality of detecting APT-style Defense. By implementing and executing an iterative cycle with built-in mechanisms for behaviour on your network, including continuous learning and improvement, powered by cyber analytics and threat intelligence, endpoint threat detection and data organizations can realize gains in efficiency, accountability and governance capabilities. exfiltration. These gains translate directly into an improved return on investment for security programs Threats continue to evolve; your SOC by increasing the effectiveness of security operations and reducing the effectiveness of must too. Our services are designed to targeted attacks. wrap experienced people and efficient processes around leading technologies to provide a business-focused SOC that can evolve with your organization’s needs and the changing threat landscape. Questions for the board How confident are you that your organization is not currently compromised? How do you know? Do you have the right skills within your team to detect and respond to a targeted cyber attack? Are you maximizing the return on your cybersecurity investments by integrating them under an aligned common framework? Is your decision-making informed by accurate, intelligence-driven information? Is your SOC aligned with your business strategy to ensure focus is retained on high-value assets? Using cyber analytics to help you get on top of cybercrime — Third-generation Security Operations Centers | 15

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