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What’s the fix? Bringing technology-driven analytics to bear on a project involves several As such steps become embedded, a portfolio of analytics projects should be key steps: developed. Quite simply, with limited resources, the most important initiatives need to be pushed to the front. As part of this, an implementation roadmap needs to be set out that also charts the likely impacts a given project might have. 1. 2. Understand the problem and Collect the information needed address it in a way that it becomes to tackle the problem. This demands clear which insights need to be an analysis of which data is most discovered through predictive needed, what is already available and analytics. where any key gaps lie, along with an assessment of data quality and a sense of where missing data might be sourced. 4. 3. Act on the findings — even if they Perform the analytics, using imply a major shift — by adapting mathematical algorithms to help processes and behaviors to capitalize uncover patterns within the data. fully on the transformative potential These findings need to be translated of predictive analytics. back to the business problem to help interpret the outcomes in the most useful context. 5 Insights for executives | 5

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