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What’s the bottom line? The information war has already started. From here on in, business performance More specifically, information-led companies will be able to sharpen their will depend to a great extent on an organization’s ability to gain access to the competitive edge. There are numerous examples of what this might deliver: right information and to exploit it fully. attracting more valuable and loyal customers, charging prices closer to the • At a high level, predictive analytics can help companies to: market rate, ensuring more focused and relevant marketing campaigns, running more-efficient and less-risky supply chains, ensuring the best product or service • Move from a retroactive and intuitive decision-making process to a proactive quality levels, ensuring highly individualized customer service and guaranteeing a data-driven one deep understanding of how process performance drives financial performance. • Build models that more closely predict future real-world scenarios and their related problems and opportunities • Uncover hidden patterns and relationships in the firm’s data 6 | 5 Insights for executives

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