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Chart 3 This more strategic focus is visible elsewhere too. When asked Areas in which CIOs feel they create value for companies about the areas in which CIOs create value for the business, typical CIOs tended to focus on IT budgets and costs (78%). IT-intensive industry CIOs do this too — hardly surprising, given the sustained 78% pressures on the bottom line across businesses of all kinds — but Account for IT issues and they also tend to show a clearer focus on supporting growth. For related costs 81% example, 51% note that they add significant value through product Contribute to operational 75% innovation, compared with just 45% of typical CIOs. Similarly, 75% agility of business 68% believe that CIOs can contribute to the operational agility of the Ensure compliance with 67% business, ahead of 68% of typical CIOs. Similar gains to the role can all regulatory requirements* be seen in other areas too, such as in seeking to minimize risks. 66% Minimize possible risks 59% Deliver significant corporate 66% cost efficiencies 60% Enable fact-based decision-making in 55% terms of corporate strategy 60% Add considerable value to overall business 51% growth through product innovation 45% IT-intensive industry CIO Typical CIO (Percentage of respondents who have chosen 8, 9 or 10 on a scale from 1 = do not add value at all to 10 = proactively add considerable value) * Answer option was not included into typical CIO survey (The DNA of the CIO) Born to be digital | 13

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