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Typically more engaged on strategic Chart 2 issues Areas in which CIOs actively engage with the executive management team One of the clearest differences that mark out IT-intensive industry CIOs from typical CIOs is their far stronger focus on business Discussing business performance 57% performance. One in two (55%) regularly engages with the board on and challenges 55% this topic — well ahead of just 36% of typical CIOs. 36% Participating in strategic 53% Take Fred Swanepoel, the CIO of Nedbank, one of South Africa’s decision-making 43% 45% major retail banks, who is a member of the company’s executive Discussing mergers 26% committee. He provides advice to the board on the strategic and acquisitions* 27% direction of the business and leveraging technology to achieve 55% strategic objectives on at least a quarterly basis. Discussing IT's role in research and nt development of services and products* e 50% m “In IT-intensive industries, you see a more centralized governance e Providing facts as basis for ag 59% g model, with IT issues pulled together at a board or executive strategic decisions n 55% e 52% committee level,” he explains. In a business such as Nedbank, this is easy to understand: “We are constantly investigating technologies Discussing IT's role in 76% to improve client experience and operational efficiency, and to business transformation Strategic 64% 72% make sure the bank stays competitive. When you’re talking about Discussing IT budgetary issues and 77% banking products today, there are very few products you can infrastructure management 67% 73% actually touch. The computer code facilitates the commitments we make to clients, so the technology environment is strategically IT-intensive industry CIO — board member important to building and maintaining trust in the organization,” IT-intensive industry CIO — overall Typical CIO he says. (Percentage of respondents who have chosen 8, 9 or 10 on a scale from 1 = do not engage at all to 10 = actively engage) * Answer option was not included into typical CIO survey (The DNA of the CIO) 12 | Born to be digital

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