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Market indicators US$624b Net fi nancial debt in 2014, up from US$394b in 2011 (for top 10 automakers) Bridging the gap — 50% what can the C-suite do? Increase in China’s average yearly manufacturing wages during 2010-2013 • Focus on securing access to talent and ensuring 53% compliance for business continuity. • Extend the value chain to new industries to develop Organizations say lack of skilled technology and infrastructure for powertrain and resources is one of the main connectivity. obstacles that challenges their IT security • Devise innovative strategies to retain talent and utilize 57% infrastructure to create competitive advantage. Auto executives cited high level of confi dence in credit availability, up from 41% a year ago Sources: Financials, S&P Capital IQ; Automotive Capital Confi dence Barometer, EY, October 2014; Wages in China, Trading Economics; EY analysis. Changing lanes 2015-16 | The automotive C-suite’s agenda | 13

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