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5.Securing access to resources While the C-suite believes critical resources offer a competitive advantage, they also see them as necessary for business continuity. Talent topped the list of critical resources, followed by infrastructure and technology. Securing these resources, however, continues to be a challenge for most of the industry. Talent Technology Capital Legal compliance The C-suite believes The C-suite believes The C-suite expects Establishing innovative HR the need for greater 84% expansion across new 64% processes for 44% practices offer 62% connectivity markets/segments proactive regulatory competitive believe securing and meeting fuel believe securing necessitates securing believe securing impact analysis interestingly, believe advantage, and talent offers effi ciency norms technology/ access to fi nancing, capital offers to ensure timely compliance and consistent talent competitive make it imperative intellectual property distribution and competitive interventions for reporting offers management advantage for the industry offers competitive supply chain. This is advantage minimizing fi nancial competitive advantage across geographies to secure access advantage essential to reduce impact, and to is necessary for to the requisite time to market and infl uence regulatory business continuity. technologies. maintain quality, decision making is In particular, they while increasing 26% also on the C-suite 32% believe efforts are localization. feel well-prepared to agenda. feel well-prepared for needed to attract, 10% 12% Only feel effective compliance retain and nurture Only feel well-prepared to secure capital and reporting human capital more well-prepared to secure technology effectively. secure talent resources 34%of automakers identifi ed 34%of respondents selected of respondents selected talent of respondents selected the expanding distribution network compliance and regulatory 50%for management functions 38%need to secure technology franchised, owned reporting (strategy, fi nance, marketing) for connected vehicles and alternate Only 1 in 4 of them selected local Only 1 in 3 of them are well-prepared powertrain, up from only 7% a year ago Only 1/3 of them are focusing on supplier network in emerging markets innovative HR strategies to attract and retain talent 29%of manufacturers selected fi nancing for R&D and capex 46%of suppliers selected talent to investments drive innovation Only 1 in 8 of them are well-prepared 12 | Changing lanes 2015-16 | The automotive C-suite’s agenda

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