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Hanoraea Eixin_ creatine an\ b roadcast arou nd t h e w orld and oft en Growth of cultural and creative output earketin_ tadent to oin ac`ieve _loZal Zop office kmccekk$ remains strong in North America. w h ich movies from ot h er regions V alu e added b y art s and cu lt u ral _dobad au\iences ktrm__le to eemlate& L`e MK%eade file produ ct ion indu st ries increased 3 . 8 % Avatar earned Zop office revenmek of b et w een 2 0 1 2 and 2 0 1 3 . T h e gaming American popular music conquered almost U S $ 2 b . indu st ry is ex pect ed t o grow 6 . 1 % the world in the 20th century and a y ear du ring 2 0 1 3 - 2 0 1 8 , and t h e the cultural influence of the country’s fileed entertaineent indmktry Zy ,&, creative industries has more recently MK eotion hicture a y ear. U S advert ising agencies h ired been reinforced by movies. M any in\ustrq exhorts oere 3 0 , 0 0 0 people in 2 0 1 3 as t h e indu st ry glob al ent ert ainment leaders are N ort h recovered from a slu mp. T h e American American, h aving gained crit ical mass mot ion pict u re and t elevision produ ct ion in a mark et t h at afforded economies 6 times indu st ries, comprising 1 0 8 , 0 0 0 of scale amid rising prosperit y and b u sinesses, remain h igh ly compet it ive ent h u siasm t o develop a new nat ional _reater t`an iehorts w orldw ide. N ort h American au diences ident it y at a t ime of mass immigrat ion. in *()* hrovide +1 of oorld revenmek froe file U S consu mer demand u nderpinned t h e produ ct ion and dist rib u t ion, compared firkt eovie ktmdio in `iktory$ :lacc Earia$ w it h 2 3 % for t h eir E u ropean cou sins. and kmZkeimently$ t`e @ollyoood file indmktry oit` itk kip Zi_ ktmdiok& L`e firkt =ntertaineent is t`e video games w ere b orn in t h e U S t h rou gh naee o^ t`e _aee É ;:; is a\ohtin_ a arcade offerings, su ch as SpaceWar eobide%Õrst strate_q$ and Pong. T h e W arner M u sic G rou p CCI in North America are driven by a b ecame one of t h e t h ree maj or glob al strong cultural appetite. N ort h America o`ic` \oesnt eean record companies. is t h e au diovisu al indu st ry ’ s b iggest aban\onin_ de_acq North America’s CCI strength stems mark et b y sales for T V cont ent from mixing large pools of creative ( U S $ 1 8 2 b ) , movies ( U S $ 2 8 b ) and radio hdat^ores dike LN$ but and marketing talent. Script writers ( U S $ 2 0 b ) . It is also a h eavy w eigh t in t h e rat`er acknoode\_in_ schools clearly constitute a competitive gaming and mu sic indu st ries: it s mu sic advantage for the Hollywood industry. indu st ry sect or ( live and recorded) h as t`at t`ere is sti^^ T h e U S is a net cu lt u ral ex port er in most annu al sales of U S $ 2 3 . 7 b , 3 6 % of t h e coehetition ^roe sect ors. S ales of U S copy righ t - b ased glob al t ot al. cmltmral hrodmctk$ inclmdin_ filek$ LN$ N ort h America is also t h e leader in t h e ot`er eeer_in_ video, recorded mu sic, new spapers, performing art s ( U S $ 6 1 . 5 b ) w it h a hdat^ores in t`e b ook s, magaz ines and soft w are in pronou nced craving for mu sical sh ow s. increasin_dq overseas mark et s t ot aled U S $ 1 5 6 . 3 b T h is is illu st rat ed b y t h e su ccess of t h e in 2 0 1 3 . T h ey t opped t h e foreign sales S u perb ow l mid- game sh ow ( and it s \isharate broa\cast of many ot h er maj or U S indu st ries u niq u e and ex pensive T V commercials) inclu ding ch emicals ( U S $ 1 4 7 . 8 b ) , and t h e dy namic live mu sic indu st ry in earkethdace&Ê aerospace produ ct s and part s O nt ario, Canada, w h ich h as b een grow ing ( U S $ 1 2 8 . 3 b ) , agricu lt u re ( U S $ 6 8 . 9 b ) , 6 . 5 % a y ear since 2 0 1 0 . In 2 0 1 3 , 3 of and ph armaceu t icals ( U S $ 5 1 . 6 b ) . t h e 1 0 b iggest mu sic fest ivals w ere in t h e Canadian TV expert American culture exerts strong U S : U lt ra ( M iami) , Coach ella ( California) influence worldwide, and convey s soft and S u mmerfest ( W isconsin) . pow er. American movies are w idely | Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries --

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