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T h is sect ion h igh ligh t s t h e w eigh t , drivers and ch allenges Th is sect ion also inclu des 1 7 cou nt ry focu ses t o illu st rat e of cmltmral and creative indmktriek in five _loZal re_ionk2 khecific and kelected ;;A trendk and c`allen_ek in different local 9kia%Hacific$ =mrohe$ Fort` 9eerica$ Datin 9eerica and t`e mark et s. Carib b ean and Africa and t h e M iddle E ast . Select ed cou nt ries, select ed sect ors and corresponding page F or each region, w e propose: nu mb ers are as follow s: • A panorama of CCI in each glob al regions, h igh ligh t ing t h eir khecific trendk$ ktren_t`k and driverk in t`e re_ionk3 • A preview , providing a forw ard- look ing analy sis of t h e main ch allenges t o develop CCI, according t o local tech nical evolu t ions, innovat ion and economic ou t look J ap an of each glob al region. A rch itecture/ new sp ap ers and m ag az ines U S A U K F rance R ussia Pag e 4 0 Perf o rm ing arts/ T V G am ing / visual arts Bo o k s/ advertising Perf o rm ing arts Pag e 6 0 Pag e 5 0 Pag e 4 8 Pag e 5 2 Canada T urkey China M usic/ g am ing M usic Perf o rm ing arts/ Pag e 5 8 Pag e 5 3 m o vie Pag e 4 1 Pag e 4 2 S outh K orea M usic/ T V Pag e 7 4 Pag e 3 8 Pag e 6 6 N igeria M ex ico M usic/ m o vie A ustralia T V / bo o k s Perf o rm ing arts/ advertising Pag e 6 8 Pag e 7 8 Pag e 3 6 B razil S outh A frica T V /m usic V isual arts/ radio India N ew sp ap ers and Pag e 7 6 Pag e 8 0 m ag az ines/ m o vie E gyp t M iddle E ast V isual arts/ m o vie V isual arts/ T V | Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries +)

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