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Hrenieo L`e rise o^ a neo =urohe su ch as apps, st reaming. T o maint ain oayk of accekkin_ finance inclmdin_ E u rope’ s creat ive and cu lt u ral st rengt h , crow dfu nding, t arget ed pu b lic fu nding In a mature market with weak growth in t h e E U ’s framew ork of copy righ t and cu lt u ral leaders’ invest ment ) b ecau se private consumption (0.6%), European prot ect ion as w ell as t h at of e- commerce many b ank s h ave h it h ert o st ru ggled t o CCI need to find new ways to grow. mu st b e adapt ed t o t h e t h reat s posed valu e t h e b u siness models of creat ors. S ome cont ent produ cers are ex panding b y new digit al play ers. T h is inclu des t h e G erman pu b lish ing grou p Ax el S pringer ab road t o reach b igger au diences. S ome ab ilit y of digit al plat forms t o secu re a ( t h rou gh it s American division) h as h ave b egu n t o revit aliz e h ist oric t ies w it h b igger part of revenu e. It mu st also adapt su ccessfu lly invest ed in several digit al neigh b oring regions. Africa h as b ecome t o su pport emerging creat ive b u sinesses and creat ive st art - u ps ( inclu ding P ock et a t arget mark et for some: new spaper h eld b ack b ecau se t h eir cont ent cannot and B lendle) , t h ereb y adapt ing t o grou p Le M onde, T V company Canal+ secu re a fair sh are of valu e creat ed. ch anges in t h e new spaper indu st ry . and ent ert ainment grou p V ivendi are T h e cu rrent deb at e on t h e h armoniz at ion H ow ever, E u rope h as b een slow t o ex panding in F rench - speak ing African of copy righ t and au t h ors’ prot ect ion develop new digit al ch ampions ( w it h t h e cou nt ries. E u ropean T V ch ampions in t h e E U leaves t h e fu t u re of ex ist ing not ab le ex cept ion of mu sic st reaming inclu ding t h e B B C and E ndemol h ave copy righ t law s in dou b t . plat forms) . T o remain a pioneer in t h e long enj oy ed ex port su ccess. R ecent ly , disru pt ive cu lt u ral and digit al revolu t ion, S candinavian T V sh ow s inclu ding The Au t h ors’ righ t s mu st b e at t h e h eart of E u rope needs t o learn h ow t o creat e Killing and Bron h ave w on w idespread t h e deb at e, lay ing t h e fou ndat ions for digit al ch ampions. acclaim ab road, allow ing cu lt u ral a fairer framew ork u nder w h ich t h e fu ll indu st ries in even very small cou nt ries t o pot ent ial of t h e E u ropean CCIs in t erms secu re glob al au diences and revenu es. of grow t h and j ob s can b e u nlock ed. É Oe nee\ to buid\ a E u rope’ s cu lt u ral b readt h and rich ness S ome t ax opt imiz at ion pract ices need cudturad coeeunitq h elps w in glob al au diences for it s cu lt u ral t o b e h alt ed. T h e valu e generat ed b y indu st ries. creat ive w ork mu st b e sh ared eq u it ab ly o^ exc`an_e o^ To retain their leading role, European w it h au t h ors. knoode\_e an\ cultural players must join hands with Kuhhortin_ creatine exherience at t`e emerging creative industries in other parts of Europe. E merging gaming businesses to nurture =urohean dened$ indu st ries in Cent ral E u rope ( Croat ia, cudturad dea\ers to suhhort t`e S erb ia and S lovenia) , T V and mu sic in Lmrcey$ and file in Jmkkia offer Europe suffers from a lack of mid-sized creators an\ to s`are opport u nit ies for E u rope t o increase it s companies in its creative sectors. T h e eet`o\odo_ies& Oe add clou t in glob al cu lt u ral indu st ries. smallest companies lack t h e money :uid\in_ a ^airer de_ad t o ex pand. T h e E u ropean Commission ^ace t`e saee hrobdee ektieated in a *()+ ktmdy t`e financin_ o`en oe are _oin_ ennironeent gap for E u ropean CCI b u sinesses at U S $ 8 . 7 b - U S $ 1 4 .5 b and called for abroa\&Ê Competition from newcomers su ch as neo financial inktrmeentk to kmhhort G AF A ( G oogle, Apple, F aceb ook and t h e indu st ry ’ s grow t h and leverage t h e 9earon! and FetÖip `ave hmt `iktoric development of it s small b u sinesses. N ew L ovro N ola revenu e st reams at risk . T h is compet it ion financin_ kc`eeek emkt Ze invented to also enab les innovat ive revenu e models su pport creat ive b u sinesses w it h new Director of Machina Gaming School, Croatia | ,. Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries

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