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P erforming art s are t h e b iggest T h e lack of legal cu lt u ral dist rib u t ion In t h e ab sence of formal venu es, t h e employ ers in t h e informal economy , ch annels ( su ch as b ook st ores) and ot h er inforeal econoey alko `elhk finance t`e hrovidin_ mnofficial emkic and t`eater cu lt u ral infrast ru ct u re mak es it h ard w ork of performers, inclu ding act ors and performances ( st reet performances, for consu mers t o ob t ain law fu l copies emkiciank& An 9frica and 9kia%Hacific$ fest ivals and concert s t h at do not pay of cu lt u ral w ork s. In S ou t h Africa, t h e informal cont ract s b et w een art ist s and au t h ors righ t s, privat e performances at firkt emltihlep in a toonk`ih did not ohen privat e sponsors are oft en t h e primary marriages or fu nerals, et c. ) , w h ich are u nt il 2 0 0 7 . sou rce of income for creat ors. oft en free for au diences. In Africa, t h ese M any creat ive w ork ers in emerging performances can b e paid b y individu al economies, inclu ding mu sicians, art isans, ÉL`e in^oread sector is sponsors. herforeerk and vikmal artiktk$ often find enerqo`ere o`ereas An t`e absence o^ o^Õciad t`eekelvek Zeyond t`e reac` of official adternatines$ cudturad consueers regu lat ion. 0( o^ de_ad eusicad turn to t`e in^oread econoeq Informal dist rib u t ion ch annels in S ou t h s`oos are in 9bi\ban&Ê Africa, B raz il, India, R u ssia and B olivia In emerging cou nt ries, t h e h igh prices of h ave b ecome so effect ive t h at law fu l cu lt u ral goods, low incomes, and ch eap dist rib u t ors somet imes t ry t o u se t h em. Director of Abidjan’s Palais de la Culture digit al t ech nologies comb ine t o fost er T h e N igerian h ome video indu st ry — now piracy . R elat ive t o incomes, ret ail prices t`e kecond%lar_ekt file indmktry in t`e of CD s, D V D s are 5 - 1 0 t imes h igh er in w orld — w as b u ilt on informal dist rib u t ion B raz il, R u ssia, and S ou t h Africa t h an in net w ork s, and it s su ccess is encou raging t h e U S or E u rope. t h eir ex t ension t h rou gh ou t Africa. | Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries *1

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