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How can EY help? EY provides CTI advisory services around assessments, program builds, program support, and subscription services to clients around the globe. EY can also enable seamless integration for organizations wanting to integrate third-party cyber threat intelligence into security operations. Additionally, EY can help bridge the gap between tactical and technical aspects of CTI and help enable more strategic discussions that impact business decision-making. Throughout the development and maturation of a CTI program, EY: • Supports clients in maturing their processes to be able to ingest increasingly more robust threat intelligence • Helps create the in-house capability to translate technical/tactical intelligence into strategic insights for business decision-makers • Helps prevent clients from drowning in data and produces relevant intelligence • Provides a personalized look at our client’s threat landscape and identiÕes what must be matured to take further action • Pinpoints key internal/external information-sharing opportunities • Assists with technology selection and solutions architecture

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