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Want to learn more? Insights on governance, risk and compliance is an ongoing series of thought leadership reports focused on IT and other business risks and the many related challenges and opportunities. These timely and topical publications are designed to help you understand the issues and provide you with valuable insights about EY’s perspective. Please visit EY’s Insights on governance, risk and compliance series at: Cyber threat intelligence: Creating trust in the digital world: Enhancing your security operations with Designing, building and operating an EY’s Global Information Security Active Defense effective program Survey 2015 Achieving resilience in the cyber ecosystem Cyber program management: identifying Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things ways to get ahead of cybercrime Using cyber analytics to help you get There’s no reward without risk: Unlocking the value of your program on top of cybercrime: Third-generation EY’s global governance, risk and investments: How predictive analytics can Security Operations Centers compliance survey 2015 help in achieving successful outcomes 16 | @ow do you Ônd the criminals before they commit the cybercrime? — A close look at cyber threat intelligence

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