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If you were under cyber attacc$ would you ever cnow? As many organizations have learned, sometimes the hard way, cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. Hackers are increasingly relentless. When one tactic fails, they will try another until they breach an organization’s defenses. At the same time, technology is increasing an organization’s vulnerability to attack through increased online presence, broader use of social media, mass adoption of mobile devices, increased usage of cloud services, and the collection and analysis of big data. Our ecosystems of digitally connected entities, people and data increase the likelihood of exposure to cybercrime in both the work and home environment. Even traditionally closed operational technology systems are now being given IP addresses, enabling cyber threats to make their way out of back- office systems and into critical infrastructures such as power generation and transportation systems. Anticipating cyber attacks is the only way to be ahead of cyber criminals. With our focus on you, we ask better questions about your operations, priorities and vulnerabilities. We then collaborate with you to create innovative answers that help you activate, adapt and anticipate cybercrime. Together, we help you design better outcomes and realize long-lasting results, from strategy to execution. We believe that when organizations manage cybersecurity better, the world works better. So, if you were under cyber attack, would you ever know? Ask EY.

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