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If you w ere under cyber attack , w oul d you ev er k now ? As many organizations have learned, sometimes the hard way, cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if , b u t w hen. H ackers are increasingly relentless. W hen one tactic f ails, they will try another until they breach an organization’s defenses. At the same time, technology is increasing an organization’s vulnerability to attack through increased online presence, b roader u se of social media, mass adoption of mob ile devices, increased u sage of clou d services, and the collection and analy sis of b ig data. O u r ecosy stems of digitally connected entities, people and data increase the likelihood of ex posu re to cy b ercrime in both the work and home environment. Even traditionally closed operational technology sy stems are now b eing given IP addresses, enab ling cy b er threats to make their w ay ou t of b ack- of f ice sy stems and into critical inf rastru ctu res su ch as pow er generation and transportation sy stems. For EY Advisory, a better working world means helping clients solve big, complex industry issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their businesses. We’ve shaped a glob al ecosy stem of consu ltants, indu stry prof essionals and b u siness alliances w ith one f ocu s in mind — y ou . A nticipating cy b er attacks is the only w ay to b e ahead of cy b er criminals. W ith ou r f ocu s on y ou , w e ask b etter q u estions ab ou t y ou r operations, priorities and vu lnerab ilities. W e then collab orate w ith y ou to create innovative answ ers that help y ou activate, adapt and anticipate cyber crime. Together, we help you design better outcomes and realize long- lasting resu lts, f rom strategy to ex ecu tion. We believe that when organizations manage cybersecurity better, the world works better. So, if you were under cyber attack, would you ever know? Ask EY. The better the q uestion. The better the answ er. The better the w orl d w ork s.

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