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DCF and vIndustry oaluation pverview arameters HPa_e .1age .1 I Points of view from EY global sector Store costs management: how to improve internal rate of return and other industry professionals and enhance performance Store concept definition, concept indmstrialiration, initial investment and operational “or running” Maintenance maintenance, as a whole, depend on how well the Store investments store concept has been thought out. But how is it s ie possible to stay true to the concept and initial it n u creative ideas while adhering to the budget? Though t Concept r o it’s not possible to cnoo the price per simare meter p industrialization p for each store, it’s certainly possible to make a series o g in w of technical and marcet analqses to figmre omt ohich v a steps the companq is going to tace and ohat benefits S ervie v and issues will result. Concept definition try o Once the store concept is defined, it’s time for Indus indmstrialiration, ohich raises the imestion2 ohat are Store life cycle the small changes and choices that allow the retailer to switch from a “beautiful” (and potentially costly) prodmct to an Éefficientlq doableÊ prodmct7 Definition of a new Challenging of Cost management Maintenance concept at cgncepl specificaligns without design running Creativity often clashes with the corporate targets, target cost to achieve target cost egdificaligns costs management and during the redesign-to-cost process, the budget shomld firstlq be allocated to preserne the creatine and distinctive elements of the concept, while for Technical levers Commercial and process levers standard and less marketing sensitive items (which can account for more than 50% of the investment), simple and linear solutions should be sought, mainly based on functionality and in line with the overall look. The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2016

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