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Page 36 Industry overview Global luxury goods market Retail Directly Operated Stores (DOS) Personal luxury goods Chinese consumers represent the accounted for about 29% of the overall have the second largest share of buyers in the world, market, while monobrand distribution across largest market share of accounting for about 31% of global formats approximately 24.2% in luxury goods purchases. accounts ~29% the luxury goods market. for about Retail DOS 53% of overall ~53% ~31% distribution. Monobrand distribution Retail sales account for The Hong Kong Japan is the top performing area 34% in 2015 and have and Macau for the luxury goods market grown by 2% since 2014, markets posted (+9% growth at a constant while wholesale represent a significant ~24.2% rate!, and in *()-, it oas the first 66% of the total personal contraction foreign destination for Chinese luxury due to consumers. goods 66% currency As accessible status market. Wholesale Ömctmations, sqmbols, shoes benefit government from strong tailwinds reforms and and have been growing +9% 34% decreasing faster than Retail popularity. the overall growth leather goods category in the recent past. The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2016

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