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PPage 42age 42 Industry overview Global cosmetics goods market The global 9sia%Hacific continmed Consumers continue to explore cosmetics goods €203b its lead as the world’s new looks, and companies are market continued biggest cosmetics offering new formulas and textures to grow, reaching market and posted to cater to the rising demand. €203b. 3.4% growth thanks to an acceleration The success of Online beauty sales in Southeast Asian Millennial consumers’ purchasing lip makeup was registered 20% markets, which has power is expected to reach one of the 2015 growth in 2015 on a helped to offset the US$3.4 trillion by 2018 in the US highlights, with worldwide basis and slight slowdown in alone. growth at 10% in accounted for 6% of economic growth rate the mass-market the beauty market. in China. US$3.4 channel, and 16% in the selective 20% channel. 3.4% trillion 10% growth growth Consumer engagement, in-store excellence and innovation are the key drivers of success for beauty cosmetics companies. 16% 6%market The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2016

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