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Page 4 Executive summary Statistics and key facts Global personal Chinese consumers remain Today, beauty is synonymous with personalized products luxury market the top consumers by and services that enrich consumer experience and its grew by 1% in country with one-third of relationship with the brands, in all distribution sectors. 2015 at constant the global exchange market. The global The accessories segment accounted rate. cosmetics market for about 30% of the 1/3 grew by 3.9% global personal in 2015. luxury goods 1% The online luxury market market in 2015. has grown tenfold since 3.9% ~30% The company– 2005 and accounted for owned retail about 7% of total sales Luxury cosmetics remains the most channels are in 2015. dynamic sector with 5.7% growth, growing twice due mostly to as fast as the ~7% e-commerce sales. wholesale channel at current 5.7% exchange rates ;mrrent Ömctmations, a and continue to strong US dollar and the gain market share depreciated Euro helped the New markets, such as India, South Africa and due to network market to show double-digit Turkey, generated more than expansion. positive impact on the two–thirds of the beauty overall market value. market growth in 2015. >2/3 2X Social media has made an online platform a critical part of every brand’s strategy. The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2016

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