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Other titles for CFOs This is one of a series of studies from our CFO program, which provides insight and guidance on aspects of personal interest to the CFO as they seek to develop themselves, their teams and learn from others within their community . Other publications from the program include: The DNA of the CFO series EMEIA Americas Asia Pacific The DNA of the CFO Views. Vision. Insights. The DNA of the CFO Finance forte CFO and beyond A study of what makes The evolving role of Shifting up a gear: from The future of finance The possibilities and pathways a chief financial officer today’s CFO core finance to corporate leadership outside finance strategy The Master CFO Collection Back seat or center stage? What lies beneath? A tale of two markets Drought or drowning? Vol . 1 Vol. 2 Vol . 3 Vol . 4 CFOs and the media The hidden cost of entering Telling the story of investment Cash challenges for CFOs at both ends rapid-growth markets across developed and of the liquidity spectrum rapid-growth markets For further information on these titles and our program of investment in CFOs, please visit www .ey .com/cfo or contact Katherine Brinkley on [email protected] or + 33 1 46 93 56 12. Partnering for performance Part 1: the CFO and the supply chain 37

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