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Business partnering is a two-way street Chart 11 Both CFOs and supply chain leaders need to work hard in order How would you rate the quality of support that you receive from the to make a business partnering relationship work . CFOs need to CFO across the following areas? demonstrate that they can make a valuable contribution beyond their traditional finance role, and heads of supply chain need Supporting and 40 87 challenging investment choices to build trust through transparency . “If I can deliver the cost Strengthening business continuity 33 87 benefits to the business that the financial community has asked and risk management us, then it helps to reinforce the relationship,” says Marc Gross, Optimizing and monitoring 11 71 Chief Supply Chain Officer at Heineken, a brewing company . performance “By establishing a very good relationship with finance, the Aligning operations with 12 67 supply chain gets the support it needs .” overall corporate strategy % Asked about the quality of the support that they receive from the 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 CFO, heads of supply chain in business partner organizations are Traditional supply chain much more likely than those in traditional finance relationships Business partnering supply chain to report they are happy with their relationship with the CFO. For example, 87% of heads of supply chain in business partner relationships say that they receive good support in Business partnering between the CFO and the strengthening business continuity and risk management, and in supporting and challenging investment choices . This compares supply chain improves: with 33% and 40%, respectively of those in traditional finance 1 End-to-end visibility across finance, operations relationships (see Chart 11). and commercial 2 Alignment across objectives and priorities 3 Ability to work through business challenges 4 Overall financial performance 5 Collaboration at a strategic level 6 Understanding and management of risks and opportunities 7 Quality of investment decisions Partnering for performance Part 1: the CFO and the supply chain 17

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