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The CFO and CEO: key allies in value creation Key findings about the CFO-CEO relationship: Sixty-four percent of the 652 CFOs we surveyed say that collaboration with the CEO has increased and a significant 76% report greater involvement in corporate strategy, driven by a focus on growth. Despite this focus on strategy, CFOs are still cost-discipline champions: managing costs and budgets emerged as the number one contribution they feel they make. For the CFO to fulfill the remit of strategic partner to the CEO, they need to rethink the principles of the finance function and allow themselves the personal and organizational flexibility to act as a growth-focused strategist. “ You cannot afford to just have a numbers guy next to you. You need someone who has the awareness of where the market and competition is heading.” Costas Charitou, CEO, Lanitis Group of Companies 1 Partnering for performance Part 5: the CFO and the chief executive officer 3

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