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Globalizing the connectivity 4ecosystem Wherever they are in the connectivity ecosystem, all stakeholders face a common challenge — how they can scale their connectivity strategies while taking account of local and regional differences in culture, regulations and technology. The balance between regional versus complex amalgam of capabilities and global development is difficult to achieve. disciplines, connectivity is, by definition, As connectivity deployments accelerate, cross-functional and cross-business in we wanted to understand the challenges nature. Once it crosses borders, who encountered by stakeholders as they should be running the connectivity move from country to country. As one agenda? participant put it, “Most connectivity Other issues relate to measuring the value service offerings start off by being global, of extended connectivity offerings (and but then once you start to permit them, the data these generate). A participant you meet a lot of local cultural, licensing, encapsulated this challenge in the data privacy, and data-gathering issues.” following words, “We need to make sure To accelerate and maximize their ROI, the right KPIs are being associated with players across the value chain have to the new business venture? But this can be broaden the scope of their offerings. hard. Increasingly, we’re moving from a However, as they do so, how can they product- to a service- oriented business — navigate the complexities? and product-orientated KPIs can’t be used Globalization of connectivity raises to measure the growth of connectivity.” technical, regulatory and tax-based Participants at the roundtable also issues. On the technical side, the module considered the bottlenecks and and package must be easily adaptable to opportunities around partnerships that local requirements. This has implications have not yet been fully captured? After for suppliers and OEMs. According to a all, this is another way of growing the participant, “In development, think global business. Last, but of real importance, from the outset. Instead of suppliers what about tax? If data can be regarded focusing on the OEM, they need to focus as a service, is it subjected to tax? This is on the actual product.” likely to vary from country to country, and The second issue arising in globalization where tax must be paid, who should be is within the actual organization. As a liable — OEMs or carriers? 141414 | T| T| The quehe quehe quessst ft ft for tor tor telematics 4.0elematics 4.0elematics 4.0

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