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5.1 Managing customer data Big data — the sum total of diagnostic, across the ecosystem. Because so much behavioral and unstructured customer of this data relates to vehicles, OEMs need data — presents a major opportunity, to support this process and help to drive provided connectivity players develop it forward. As one participant said, “The the capabilities needed to manage this technology is there to enable this in the core resource and mine it for in-depth non-OEM ecosystem, the willingness is insights. The challenge is to put in place there, the ideas, the strategies … it just an infrastructure that can manage all the needs to be enabled.” information and connect it to organizations “How can we build an infrastructure to manage that “I think for an ecosystem to work better we need some information and put it out and connect it back and type of standardization so there can be an application forth across the ecosystem to enrich it and do that works in different areas of the value chain.” something with it?” “It’s important to find a solution to the privacy “Data is only going to come off the car if it has the question… where we’re aggregating vehicle data right sensors in it, and if it is allowed to come off and with diagnostic trouble codes and behavioral data, be shared. So the OEM needs to have the vision.” including data that has nothing to do with the car … who owns this data and who has access to it?” “There are some pretty basic use cases that do relate to transactions, to customer value relative to the “The way you are going to catch dealers’ attention is driving experience, to the ingestion of raw data. So probably by seeing how these connected services can start there. All this technology is scalable.” drive business into their fixed operations?” The quest for telematics 4.0 | 21

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