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5.2 Connectivity and urban mobility The Internet of Things (IOT) and Internet Connectivity is the catalyst for making of Everything (IOE) are enabling real this happen. Inspiring examples range innovations in urban mobility connectivity. from Iceland, where a countrywide pilot Cities are interacting with vehicles and is underway to assemble data geared their drivers in new ways — equalizing to understanding weather conditions supply and demand, providing improved and road usage, to New South Wales in environments, and driving efficiencies Australia, where the provincial government in road usage, parking and utilization of is using real-time data feeds from its fleets transportation. to better redirect traffic — saving tens of millions by improving utilization of roads that were being under-used. “Through a combination of differentiated modes that “A guy like Gabe Klein [until recently Head of the are readily accessible and, more importantly, from a Chicago Department of Transportation] is a great data perspective we have to ensure it’s used to enable example of someone who has taken new technologies seamless utilization of roadways, seamless interface from a parking payment perspective to a data of infrastructure assets in the city.” utilization perspective and made things open-sourced to drive value.” “There are some examples of Northern European cities that are looking to take vehicles off the road “Recently, the City of New York tendered a contract altogether. They want to have different train systems, for real-time payment on mobile devices for all of different capabilities that people can use and its street-parking assets. The winning bid negative they’removing parking outside the city.” US$1m, negative US$0.5m. That’s unprecedented in this market place.” “Often, in the US especially, we’ve seen how important it is to have thought leaders, from a mayor “It’s the same story in the City of Washington, DC. perspective or state leader prospective, to push these Fifty percent of all parking transactions go through kind of things through.” this platform. So that means cash is coming out of the business, more profit to the city, more utilization to the user.” 22 | The quest for telematics 4.0

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