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6 Looking ahead Participants agreed that the one key Until now, an important stakeholder has element still missing from the connectivity not featured in the dialogue that has equation is an appropriate model for taken place — the public sector. From monetization — a model that is inclusive now on, the participants agreed, it will for all participants from OEMs to service be critically important to include this providers of telematics and insurers. What sector in discussions, since there are is needed is a framework for a model that significant opportunities for public sector takes into account the interests of all key undertakings and wider society — ranging constituencies and is built on the in-depth from emissions and congestion control experience of revenue models, taxation to enforcement of parking zones and issues and how markets function in this road safety. They felt that the scale of industry. this deployment will provide the required As one participant put it, “Right now, a momentum for wider connectivity in the lot of the discussions we’ve been having industry. are driven by fear. Fear that people have When the industry will have the collective responsibility within their own companies commitment to come together and develop to generate revenue and maybe somebody this inclusive framework remains to be else will eat their lunch. We need to seen. However, feedback provided in this come together to develop a common roundtable is encouraging and indicates framework — one we can all agree on and an awareness of the urgent need for benefit from.” collaboration in the industry. 242424 | T| T| The quehe quehe quessst ft ft for tor tor telematics 4.0elematics 4.0elematics 4.0

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