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Many unanswered questions As soon as we hand over the steering wheel — and responsibility In the case of a plane being flown on autopilot the situation is — to an autopilot, we give a machine control over subsequent quite different: the technology is critical to our survival because events. The question that arises as a result is how much room we are not capable of piloting the plane ourselves. When for error we are prepared to allow a robotic car. In this case, traveling in an autonomous car, however, the driver has freely it helps to distinguish between critical errors and other errors. chosen not to be in control. A defective ATM or a faulty television set may be annoying, but they are not critical to our survival. When we get into a self- driving car, however, we are entrusting our own and our family’s lives — to bits and bytes, knowing full well that there is no such thing as absolute safety. Who will be liable in case of an accident? So, if a driverless car malfunctions, who will be at the receiving and the car itself cannot apologize or make amends. end of our disappointment and anger? Should we be furious What, therefore, will be the consequence for the relationship at the developer of the autopilot, the car manufacturer or the between man and car? software programmer? It is illogical to be angry with a machine, 8 | Who’s in the driving seat?

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