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Advantages and disadvantages for the driver In your opinion, what are the advantages of self-driving cars? 54 % Better flow of traffic 54 expect that self-driving cars will lead to better Increased safety 48 flow of traffic, Reduction in consumption 40 and emissions Greater convenience 32 Time for other things 31 0 % 20 % 40 % 60 % 48 %Note: Figures in percent More than one reason may have been selected expect increased safety. In your opinion, what are the problems associated with self-driving cars? 58 % Spoils the fun of driving 58 are concerned that the fun of driving will Unresolved liability issues 46 be spoiled, in case of an accident Too unsafe 44 Lack of capacity to deal 28 with large volumes of data 46 % 0 % 20 % 40 % 60 % Note: Figures in percent are concerned about unresolved liability More than one reason may have been selected issues in case of an accident. For decades, a car’s worth was dominated by emotional very least, a more pragmatic interaction. On the other hand, considerations, with it serving as both a status symbol and the bond of trust may deepen when control is relinquished to treasured possession. Man and vehicle formed a close bond an autopilot. A completely new type of relationship between because the car represented a valuable asset that needed man and car may well emerge. protection. But can this continue to be the case? Trends toward integrated mobility concepts such as car sharing may lead to an estrangement between man and machine or, at the Who’s in the driving seat? | 9

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