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Hanoraea Ledenision is kin_ 9 don_ tra\ition o^ ;reatine an\ cudturad TV is, by far, the most dynamic CCI in exhortin_ cudturad content tourise in Datin 9eerica Latin America, accou nt ing for U S $ 4 2 b in Latin American music and dance styles The Latin America and Caribbean region revenu es, nearly a t h ird of t h e t ot al. have become one of the region’s great possesses a rich cultural and natural Latin Americans revel in audiovisual cultural exports. T radit ional mu sic and heritage. B u ilt u pon ancient civiliz at ions, content. O n average, t h ey spend more dances su ch as t ango, salsa, samb a and t h is h erit age is a cu lt u ral melt ing- pot t`an five `omrk a day oatc`in_ LN$ and Cu b an mu sical fu sions h ave w on glob al enrich ed b y immigrat ion, as w ell as 9 0 % of B raz ilians say T V is t h eir preferred au diences. Celeb rit y singers inclu de common langu ages st emming from new s sou rce. P ay - T V penet rat ion is G ilb ert o G il ( more t h an 5 0 alb u ms t h e colonial era. Across t h e cont inent , among t h e h igh est in t h e w orld, t opping released over fou r decades) and S h ak ira, 1 3 1 sit es are inscrib ed on t h e W orld 4 6 % of h ou seh olds across Lat in America t h e h igh est - selling Colomb ian art ist of all H erit age List , of w h ich 9 1 are “ cu lt u ral” in F eb ru ary 2 0 1 2 . t ime ( more t h an 1 0 0 million alb u ms sold locat ions. All 3 3 cou nt ries of t h e region The TV industry is driven by multi- arou nd t h e w orld) . `ave ratified MF=K;GÌk ;onvention media conglomerates. G ru po G lob o The AV industry is gaining traction as concerning t h e P rot ect ion of W orld in B raz il, G ru po T elevisa in M ex ico and an exporter. R ede G lob o is t h e b iggest Cu lt u ral and N at u ral H erit age. W ell- G ru po Clarin in Argent ina are maj or produ cer of Ledenonedas, a form of Lat in prot ect ed W orld H erit age sit es cont rib u t e companies w it h a spread of T V , radio and American soap opera and one of t h e t o social and economic development press int erest s, capt u ring large au diences most popu lar forms of ent ert ainment b y at t ract ing t ou rist s k een t o discover and produ cing dist inct ive T V programs. in t h e region, w it h dist inct ive st y les t h e Inca, M ay a or Az t ec h erit age, b u t in different cou nt ries. T V sh ow s and also life in Lat in America’ s cit ies and on Business and production skills honed in movies are increasingly ex port - orient ed, it s ranch es. TV have driven significant growth in film especially in Argent ina: for every 1 5 , 0 0 0 production, creating many jobs. T h ou gh h ou rs of programming, 2 , 0 0 0 are t h e indu st ry is st art ing from a modest ex port ed t o int ernat ional mark et s, w h ere b ase, employ ment h as almost dou b led t h ey are increasingly w inning au diences. over t h e past 1 5 y ears. O u t pu t h as Argent ina and Colomb ia rank among t h e b een part icu larly dy namic in Argent ina, toh five ephorterk of foreatk and kcrihtk B raz il and M ex ico, t h e t h ree largest w orldw ide, along w it h t h e U K , t h e U S and mark et s, w h ich t oget h er produ ced Khain& Datin 9eerican foreatk find favor ,(( filek in *()+& in F rance, R u ssia and N ort h America. Lat in America h as also produ ced many :raridian a\udts shen\ w rit ers w h o h ave ach ieved glob al acclaim and commercial su ccess, inclu ding G ab riel G arcí a M á rq u ez , J orge Lu is 5 hours B orges and, more recent ly , P au lo Coelh o from B raz il. Collect ive life is oft en sh aped 1 7 minutes b y t radit ional fest ivals t h at span several a \aq oatc`in_ LN CCI, inclu ding R io de J aneiro’ s Carnival, t h e F est ival of t h e V irgen de la Candelaria in B olivia, and t h e Int i R ay mi F est ival in Cu sco, P eru . | Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries 6 3

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