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Hrenieo ?ainin_ traction in _dobad É Lo\aq$ oe see a uniiue inform decision- mak ing b y ex ecu t ives earkets _root` herio\ o^ enerq and policy mak ers. M eant ime, M edellí n in Colomb ia, once considered among t h e Latin America’s cultural industries ;;A in Kout` 9eerica$ most dangerou s cit ies in t h e w orld, h as used to be small and concentrated in in ric` countries h elped engineer economic revival from a handful of capital cities. T h is is st ill t h e era of dru g gangs b y developing a trme of LN and file hrodmction$ o`ic` but adso in seadder t h riving indu st rial and cu lt u ral economy . is cent ered u pon t h e maj or cit ies of T h e focu s on edu cat ion and cu lt u re t o Argent ina, M ex ico, B raz il, Colomb ia and countriesÊ drive regenerat ion h as b een cru cial. In V enez u ela. seven y ears, 1 3 5 sch ools w ere renovat ed and eigh t lib raries creat ed. But as quality improves, strong French cultural representative in Colombia A growing understanding that creative newcomers are emerging. T h ey are industries foster both social and b reak ing free of domest ic mark et s t o mark et s. T h e most st rik ing ex ample is economic development is enabling and reac` international amdiencek oit` filek Yo soy Betty, la fea, w h ich b egan life encouraging cross-border cooperation. and T V sh ow s t h at appeal w orldw ide. as a Colomb ian t elenovela, b ecame a T h e M E R CO S U R t rade b loc, comprising Colomb ia is increasingly renow ned for su rprise h it in t h e U S as Ugly Betty, and Argent ina, B raz il, P aragu ay , U ru gu ay it s cinema indu st ry , w h ich is advancing su b seq u ent ly at t ract ed 1 1 million view ers and V enez u ela, h as set u p M E R CO S U R rapidly as t h e cou nt ry opens 1 0 0 in it s Ch inese incarnat ion, Ugly Wudi. Cu lt u ral. T h is regional net w ork of cinemas each y ear. Colomb ia now ab ou t 4 0 0 individu als and inst it u t ions produ ces arou nd 5 0 movies a y ear. Mexico has been a leader in aims t o w ork on st rengt h ening cu lt u ral Colomb ian art ist s are also w inning international modern art markets in informat ion sy st ems in memb er int ernat ional acclaim and ex port ing t o recent years, encouraging collectors cou nt ries. T h e ob j ect ive is t o creat e N ort h America and E u rope. Colomb ia w ill to prospect more widely for talent a single mark et in cu lt u ral goods and b e t h e “ gu est cou nt ry ” at t h e nex t edit ion across Latin America. S t rengt h ening services b y improving k now ledge of of AR CO madrid, a leading E u ropean demand for art w ork s from B raz il, Ch ile, memb ers’ cu lt u ral indu st ries and sh aring cont emporary art fair. V enez u ela, Colomb ia and Cu b a sh ow s b est pract ices. grow ing accept ance and u nderst anding Ch ile, t oo, h as an increasingly rob u st of art produ ct ion in t h e region. A sh ared u se of t h e S panish or indehendent file kcene& An a re_ion o`ere P ort u gu ese langu ages and Lat in cu lt u ral forei_n finance ik often crmcial to file Looar\ eore re_ionad element s acq u ired du ring cent u ries of produ ct ion, Ch ile h as recent ly b ecome inte_ration coloniz at ion h elps facilit at e cross- b order a favorit e among int ernat ional fu nds. cu lt u ral ex ch anges in mu ch of Lat in Ch ile’ s movie indu st ry is aiming t o rival The success of Latin America’s cultural America. T oday , t h e b iggest ex port t h ose of B raz il, Argent ina and M ex ico. leaders is prompting neighboring mark et for M ex ican t elenovelas is not Creat ed t h ree y ears ago, t h e CinemaCh ile countries to seek similar routes to Asia, b u t neigh b oring cou nt ries in Lat in agency h as made progress in b ringing economic growth. Argent ina, B raz il, America. M any cu lt u ral art efact s also file indmktry ktark to_et`er to hroeote Ch ile, Colomb ia and Cu b a now h ave find t`eir oay Zacc to Khain$ kmc` ak t`e Ch ilean cinema int ernat ionally . policy framew ork s designed t o promot e Argent ine comic st rip Ea^ad\a, popu lar in Latin America, as a whole, is t h e development of cu lt u ral indu st ries. S pain for h alf a cent u ry . increasingly exporting cultural content. N ot ing t h eir su ccess, M ex ico, P eru and

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