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An\icators L`ik ktmdy imantifiek ;;AÌk econoeic contriZmtion to t`e _loZal fees t h at can b e t rack ed w orldw ide) . An est imat e of economy , b ot h in t erms of revenu es and employ ment , in 2 0 1 3 . pu b lic fu nding h as b een calcu lat ed separat ely for all • ;;A revenmek2 L`e ktmdy adohted an ahhroac` Zaked on final CCI comb ined. consu mer mark et s, primarily t ak en at ret ail prices ( w it h ou t • CCI employ ment : W e est imat ed employ ment in nu mb er indirect t ax es) . of j ob s ( not in fu ll- t ime eq u ivalent s) . W e u sed t h e ILO ’ s • W e considered revenu es at t h e end of t h e valu e ch ain, definition of eehloyeent2 ÉHerkonk in eehloyeent rat h er t h an adding u p revenu e from all st ak eh olders coehrike all herkonk aZove a khecified a_e o`o$ dmrin_ a involved in individu al part s of t h e valu e ch ain. As an khecified Zrief heriod$ eit`er one oeec or one day$ oere illu st rat ion, for t h e b ook indu st ry revenu es est imat e, w e in t h e follow ing cat egories: paid employ ment and self- conkidered t`e final kalek of h`ykical and di_ital Zoock2 Zy employ ment . ” B y doing so, w e w ere ab le t o consider every definition$ all intereediate revenmek are inclmded& person w ork ing in a CCI ( inclu ding non- permanent j ob s; creat ors, au t h ors and performers) . • Informal sales of cu lt u ral goods and services h ave b een • Informal employ ment h as also b een inclu ded. inclu ded in ou r est imat es ( see b elow ) . • D evices sales h ave b een ex clu ded. • P u b lic employ ment h as b een inclu ded for each sect or, ex cept t h e performing art s, w h ere no reliab le dat a w as • G iven t h e lack of dat a, pu b lic su b sidies h ave not b een availab le t o mak e rob u st assu mpt ions. inclu ded in each sect or ( ex cept au diovisu al pu b lic license R evenues: what do we measure? Cultural and creative industries revenues B2C revenues B2B revenues Public revenues Ad spend License fees Legal sales of Informal sales CCI goods and of CCI goods services and services Informal economy T h e informal economy refers t o t h e u ndergrou nd economy , • Dokk of hrofit dme to hiracy$ ille_al doonloadin_ or ktreaein_ defined ak Éearcet%Zaked hrodmction of _oodk and kervicek$ h ave b een ex clu ded. o`et`er le_al or ille_al$ t`at ekcahek detection in t`e official • T h e informal economy h as b een inclu ded in ou r regional est imat es of G D P ” ( P . S mit h , 1 9 9 4 ) . kalek and eehloyeent fi_mrek& W e considered only t h e produ ct ion and dist rib u t ion of Informal sales and employ ment are est imat ed t h rou gh cu lt u ral goods and services t raded in informal mark et places illegal cu lt u ral goods sales rat ios est imat ed in a sample of in developing cou nt ries, u su ally at a low er price, w it h ou t any represent at ive cou nt ries ( w it h IF P I, nat ional ant i- piracy au t h ors’ righ t s collect ion. inktitmtek and earcet rehortk fi_mrek!$ and oit` data on t`e • Gnly 9frica$ 9kia%Hacific and Datin 9eerica `ave Zeen w eigh t of t h e informal economy ( O E CD , ILO ) . inclu ded in ou r informal economy est imat es, as t h e informal cu lt u ral mark et places in E u rope and N ort h America are not ki_nificant& | )). Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries

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